Fall in Cascadia has been wet

After a long wonderful summer the rains have come in force, just in time for all the trips to the pumpkin patch. First we had Segundo’s pre-school class where my back ground check hadn’t come through yet so I was only able to drive my kid. We called it the daddy rule since we all know men are not as capable with kids. We played in the hay maze, learned how corn and pumpkins were grown and got to take home a little gourd of our own. I played the monster in the hay maze and chased the kids around until the kid that made me the monster got so scared that I was really a monster that she screamed and cried. I had to reassure her that I was just pretending but it didn’t go a long way towards convincing the other parents that my background check would come back clean.

A week later it was Primo’s class that braved the rain and splashed around in the mud at the pumpkin patch. This time I was all clear and had two other kids to drive out to Sauvie Island. All three boys sat in the way back and whispered secrets to each other while I tried my best not to¬†embarrass my six-year-old. On the hay ride out to the muddy field where the pumpkins were kept I convinced the boys that there were field gnomes that came out this time of year and we would know they were close when flocks of birds would go overhead. The mostly knew I was joking but flirted with the fear that it might actually be true and had a blast running through the vine tangled rows back to the barn.

I came home from both trips soaked and muddy but so happy that I have a job that affords me the time away. Getting to meet the other kids in my boys class helps me picture their days. I can ask questions about the kids in the lineup of “How was school?” and “What did you learn?” Plus as a native Cascadian I love getting poured on, the second trip was even shorts weather back when I was a kid.

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  1. 11/13/2012 at 10:27 pm

    Yes, it has been wet. But your right, that is par for the course here in Cascadia (love that wiki article by the way – Seattle = larger economy than Venezuala or Columbia!) The rain is just a part of us.

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