Harper’s Playground, North Portland’s living room

Arbor Lodge Park has seen a big change with the addition of Harper’s Playground and so far the boys can’t stay away. Harper’s Playground is an inclusive playground built through donations from a number of Portland Organizations including the Timbers Army. It all started with making one playground ( Arbor Lodge Park) more accessible for one little girl (Harper) who uses a walker to get around. The park is now finished and it is pretty amazing.

We first went to the opening of the playground with most of North Portland and despite the madhouse scene, or because of it, the kids had a great time. We have been back four times and each time there are tons of families there playing all over the place. The two climbing walls, or accessible swing sets, or merry-go-round with seats, or the big hill with a ramp leading up to the slide. The boys run all over the place finding new adventures and using the park in different ways each time. The crowning piece for my boys is the sand area with working water feature. The boys can dig river and pump water down through the paths they have created with other kids. I have had so much fun watching all the kids work together to make lakes and cities in the sand pit.

Rain or shine the park is packed and one family’s hope to have a park that their daughter could play at has turned into a community building place that has brought North Portland together.

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