A respite from the rain in Arizona

We are back home from thanksgiving in Arizona and we were met with the kiss of cold rain. Gone are the 80 degree days by the pool, or the walks through the beautiful neighborhoods of a model community. We had a great time catching up with old friends and new family members, especially that lovely little girl int he picture above. That is my brother and his wife’s daughter Faith whom Primo is feeding and sharing family secrets. A good portion of the trip was spent laying on the couch while she slept on my shoulder. I took one for the team every now and then, allowing myself to be taken out of the game so I could make sure she had a warm place to nap. I may have fallen asleep to but that was only in solidarity.

Along with our family, my parents made the trip South and we met up with my sister and her kids, marking the first time our whole family has been together in 3 years. It was odd to see all the Christmas decorations popping up in the palm trees and cacti around Phoenix but the warm weather and lots of hikes, basketball games, BBQs, and swimming helped us enjoy our Thanksgiving vacation. Again I got the chance to watch my kids play with other kids of people I grew up with. There was even a little crush between the grand kids of the 2 friends that have known each other for 50 years. They were close friends, their kids are close friends, and now their grand kids playing together marking generations of a family formed from a grade school classroom in Santa Barbara all those years ago.

A great vacation for sure, but I’m glad to be back home where I don’t have to drive 40 miles to find the best restaurant, or spend 20 minutes in the car between record stores on opposite sides of the valley. I will keep Phoenix for winter and Spring breaks and the Rose City for everything else. hopefully we can lure a few of those close friends here for good some day, but until then thanks for the good time and the much-needed vitamin D.

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