The methodic process of making it ours



We have two weeks of experience in our new house and the quirks and bumps in the night are starting to become familiar.  After the first weekend of painting and moving in the the next couple of weekends have been relatively quiet in comparison. Beautiful has started focusing her attention on individual rooms after a rough draft of furniture placement and design. Our bedroom was the jumping off point and you can see the results above. A new wall color, change in trim, and collection of paint by numbers compliment the head board she made. Part of the excitement of this new house is seeing what Beautiful will do with the space and as usual it turned out really great.



The next weekend we sent the boys to my parents house and got working on the bathroom. A cabinet mirror from the rebuilding center, paint colors re-used from other projects, and some new lighting and faucets had a big effect on this little space. I learned that I can do minor plumbing but not without major swearing, seriously some of the compounding of swear words was shocking in not only the vulgarity but the creativity. I did a little Face Time with my brother to get the electrical work down but lost him when I turned off the power to our router. I’m still learning this whole breaker cause and effect thing.

Another weekend coming up means our focus will turn to another room and I think the boys bedroom is on deck. The march is on to turn The Coxy Pario house into a home, but we are making huge strides one weekend at a time.

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