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Sunday night has become Family Movie Night in our house and we have taken turns picking the movies. Beautiful and I tend towards older live action family movies while the boys prefer animation. After a month of packing and getting ready to move we hadn’t had a movie night in a long time and the boys were letting us know. Since it was my turn to pick I decided to give the Spider Man record I had found a listen and try out our fireplace. The boys were less than receptive to this idea and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

We pressed on getting the fire started with scraps of wood from past building projects and bags of packing paper. Primo helped get the fire going, letting me know the night was under protest but that since there was fire he would make the best of the situation. Segundo snuggled with his mom until we had a roaring flame and then the lights were turned off and the record started. It was an old-time radio version of Spider Man stories that I loved but the boys had a harder time paying attention too. They were enamored by the fire and helped me feed bits of two by fours and old table legs as the hiss of the record player and the pop of the fire transported us to a magic world.

There were five stories in all and once they finished Primo and Segundo¬†begrudgingly¬†admitted to having a good time. Sitting on my lap Primo said this was the best night in the new house and that he might like here after all. He is a Rohl boy in that way, where all he needs is a good fire and stick to poke it with. Segundo was once again snuggled up in Beautiful’s lap finding it hard to keep his eyes open. While he liked how the evening turned out he made us promise to have a movie next time. next time we will have a movie, that is unless of course I find a copy of The Cat and The Hat on vinyl.

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  1. Jamie
    04/23/2013 at 8:47 am

    When I was pregnant with Doug and Myron was a cowboy in Touche WA we used to listen to Mystery Radio. (We lived in the middle of nowhere and did not have TV) It is much better than TV, it seems scarier some how. I get books on tape at the library for my grandchildren if we are going to be in the car a while and they love them!!

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