A room of their own

Pallete beds

We are all but finished with the boy’s room now. There is still some closet curtains to be sorted out and a question of dressers but the walls are painted and my dad has built some beautiful beds. We got new comfy mattresses with all new bedding because both boys had complained that their beds were not as cozy as ours. Last night after our weekly dinner with friends the adults spent some time talking while laying on the boys beds and we can all attest to their comfyness. A super cool large letter R sits in between the palette wood beds and each bed has the initial of its inhabitant.

Segundo is a big fan of his new bed and has to be bargained with to get him up in the morning. Primo loves his bed but he is still our alarm clock in the morning so our attempt to make it so comfortable he would sleep in has failed. The march of design is moving forward with all of the rooms on the right side of the house finished. It seems like the dinning room is next but that means wall paper and I am not ready for that project.

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  1. jamie
    05/01/2013 at 9:33 am

    Primo’s cars are a nice touch!

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