Long live the Coxy Pario!

The Coxy Pario

Classic 1932 Tudor with Large Living Spaces. Original Charm…Coved Ceilings, Built=Ins and Crown Moldings. Hardwoods, Coxy Wood Burning FP, Vinyl Windows, New Gas Furnace and Electrical Panel, Dechached Gargae, Two Covered Pario’s, Full Basemanent, Needs Updating!

That is the write up of our house when the listing went public. There was one picture of the front of the house and it was not good. That was it. Badly constructed ad with odd misspellings, no photos, and little to make you feel good about the place but I knew we had to take a look. My theory is that the listing agent got drunk and made a bet with a fellow realtor that the market was so good right now that he could sell this house no matter what he put on the listing. I mean even your smart phone would change the spelling of a lot of those words. You might have a “Crazy” fireplace instead of a “Coxy” fireplace. No this seemed like a bet made after one too many chardonnays.

Our offer was in less than 24 hours after the listing went public so that drunken realtor won his ill conceived bet. There were 3 offers after ours and over 20 viewing of the place that day so I think he had reason to be so cocky. Now any picture that I post of the house is tagged with a location of “The Coxy Pario”. All good homes need a good name and I can think of no better name for this place than the Coxy Pario.

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