Reuse, Reduce, Recycle for fun


One of the covered Parios at the new house was a bit too low and presented a problem unique to parents of young boys. All of the metal bars supporting the cover were low enough for the boys to hang on and the suggestion from our realtor to just tell them not to  was comical and unrealistic. One does not just tell a little boy not to hang on a metal bar that he can reach. So the awning had to come out but it was too cool to throw away and needed another use. First we set awning to the side of the driveway and the boys turned it into a slide and perch to look into the neighbor’s yard like little nosey busy bodies. They would get a running start and climb to the top. Then the game was jumping up so that their hands were just holding the top and yelling for their brother or friend to help them climb the rest of the way. They could all get up themselves but the fun was in the teamwork. Soon the game became keeping the other from running up the slide by body checking them off and it became apparent that this slide was no longer safe in the driveway. Plus those neighbors were getting a little tired of little boys watching over the fence as the gardened on a Saturday afternoon.


So we turned the awning around and found that it was a great shape for a soccer goal. We  took turns taking shots and playing goalie. The height was perfect for Primo to tip shots over the bar like a young Troy Perkins minus the full back tattoo and I got to practice placing balls into the upper corner. As Primo blocked more and more shots I started kicking the ball harder and harder until the game ended in tears and wicked welt on my tiny keeper’s belly.



Yet another use was found for the former Pario cover as we flipped it back over and ran the hose over the top of one end for a super steep water slide. The weather has been warm here in Portland and the water features in the local parks haven’t been turned on yet so we madee our own water park in the backyard. The boys used a stool to climb up one side and then after checking out the other neighbors back yard slid down into a growing pool. Though it was too slippery to run up, the boys tried again and again only to slip and smash their faces into the cascading water. They would crack up and do it all over again.

There are more uses to come for this once Pario cover but we are getting a lot of mileage already. I think an elaborate fort is in the not to distant future, as well as a ball return for some solo baseball toss. What are some of the ordinary things your family has found new fun uses for?

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