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Last night, the boys and I braved the evening traffic to see the advanced screening of Monsters University, a prequel to the popular Monsters Inc. We were the first ones into the theater with our popcorn and sodas and quickly got settled in with our 3D glasses, our booster seats and our anticipation. Being early was probably not the best idea with a 5 and a 7-year-old because by the time the screen flickered on, they were both antsy and bored. Once the movie got started though, they were both enthralled by the 3D technology, leaning forward and reaching out for the images that floated in front of them. Once the “Scaring” officially got started in the meat of the movie, both boys were appropriately scared and the youngest climbed into my lap to bury his face in my neck for a particularly roaring section. Overall, the story was great and the characters endearing. I missed the particularly appealing part of the Monsters Inc story line–the part where the children no longer needed to be scared by monsters. In this earlier part of the Monster story, that particular premise is still firmly in place and the resulting focus on kid-scaring makes this movie… scarier. It still has plenty of sweet moments and the development of Mike and Sullie’s friendship is rich and funny. I think a slightly older kid would love this movie.

Monsters University open June 21

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  1. 06/22/2013 at 5:19 am

    How does it rank vs other Pixar films? I feel like Pixar always made adult-accessible films (possibly to their detriment commercially – Ratatouille comes to mind), but recently have taken a turn towards grabbing kids fully. Even a half step down for them still means they are making some of the best films out there though.
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