Sauerkraut, messy carpets, and a license to spill

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Licensetospill on mohawk carpets #shop

Last weekend before Primo’s soccer game the boys and I made our way down highway 30 to Scappoose. Along with the normal Saturday market there was also a festival going on. A festival celebrating Sauerkraut! While I am not a fan of Sauerkraut I am a fan of festivals so we wandered around the park and had some fun. First stop was the Cabbage bowling alley where a dollar got you 5 cabbages to knock down 10 pins. Primo had no trouble but it took Segundo some convincing. Once he heard there was candy at the end he was bowling away. Right next to the cabbage bowling was the License to Spill both from Mohawk carpets and since I was being paid to check out that booth I thought it a good time to check it out.

Cabbage bowling at Sauerkraut festival #shop

Mohawk is the largest flooring manufactures in the world and they were showing off their Smartstrand carpet. What is special about the Smartstrand carpet is that the stain and soil resistance is built into the fibers of the carpet instead of applied as a chemical afterward. Since we are soon to be remodeling our basement and will be in the market for carpet this was interesting to me but no so much for the boys so we got down to the demonstration. First the boys got a chance to squirt a sample carpet square with bottles of food coloring, soy sauce, and other stain making liquids. They took their job very seriously and made sure that every inch of that sample was soaked.

putting smartstrand carpets to the test #shop

Once they finished creating the mess they had to clean it up. Armed with only bottles of water they got busy washing out all the stains they had just created. We learned that tougher messes like mustard might require a little dish soap and some light scrubbing but there is no need for carpet cleaners or harsh chemicals. I got to chat with the folks in the booth about my time cleaning carpets just after high school, and how other types of carpets are treated with stain resistance that wears off over the life of the carpets. Smartstrand has the stain resistance built into the fibers making those harsh chemicals unnecessary. Once the boys got their carpet cleaned they wanted to do it all over again, a metaphor on the futility of cleaning if I ever heard one.

We continued around the festival grabbing some BBQ and watching the pet parade before jumping in the car and heading back to Portland for Primo’s soccer game. We had a great time in Scappoose at the Sauerkraut festival and when it comes time to get those carpets in the basement I will be heading over to talk to the folks at Macadam Flooring to talk about Mohawk Smartstrand carpets. You can check them out too and enter for a chance to win your own 6’ X 9’ SmartStrand Silk bound carpet rug. Check out more photos from out morning in Google Plus.

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