A season finished

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End of the year soccer party

Soccer has taken up a lot of space in our life lately. Between Timbers games, youth Soccer, and my first foray into an adult league there has been rarely a day that has gone by where soccer wasn’t being played. While I love this new obsession I am also glad to see some aspects coming to an end so that our weekends can be spent in a much more lazy manner instead of darting around town for games.

settling disagreements though penalty kicks
settling disagreements though penalty kicks

I finished my second season as coach for Primo’s team and we had a good year. The kids got better, had fun, and didn’t get hurt. While scores were not officially kept we only lost one game all year. I love being the coach and seeing these kids go from tripping over the ball in warm ups at the beginning of the year to trying to execute complicated spin moves by the end. We had a couple of new players this season but mostly returned the same team from last Fall. They were better players, more comfortable with the ball and with each other and I could see the best of what organized sports brings out in kids. They had self-confidence that they could go from beginner to advanced through repetition and sticking with it. They were aware of their teammates and the feelings of the teams they were playing against and wanted them to have as much fun as they were having.

Diving header

I am taking a course later this month to get my ‘E’ license for youth soccer. I want to be a better coach that is aware of the stages of development for kids at each level. I want to show them that you never stop learning or trying to get better. Mostly I want to be a good coach that these kids remember like I remember my good coaches.

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  1. 11/23/2013 at 10:47 pm

    So great that you are a coach for them. They will definitely remember. Have a great off season.

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