The Neighborhood is the Thing

IMG_2620Last month the boys and I had to clear out of the house while Beautiful hosted her book club and well timed invitation to the neighborhood block party by our old house gave us the perfect escape. I hadn’t thought about that neighborhood right by the park for a while but when we pulled up I was brought back to just how great it was. So many kids and old trees and caring neighbors. The boys didn’t remember the kids that were now running around the blocked off street save for a couple that we have maintained relationship with. I remembered them, or rather remembered them much smaller. I was taken back to days on that street as all the kids played and well placed parents were stationed outside houses talking.

Our new neighborhood has really great neighbors that we have started to get to know, but for every friendly face there is also the somewhat sketchy neighbor who may or may not be up to no good based on who you ask. The real difference is in the number of kids though. Apart from one house on the corner, no one else has kids and the boys end up driving each other crazy. I miss that street and the safety of the environment and I miss that perceived safety that we had as kids in a much bigger environment. We all have the stories about our time as kids and the coming home at dark was all that was needed for checking in and I hope that as my boys get older they will get a little taste of that. While they are still young I want them close and that puts into contrast just how great we had it in that neighborhood.

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