No bug bites, just bruised shins

#WeBeatDEET, deet, bug spray, influenster, test, repellantLately the most dangerous part of soccer practice has been the mosquitos and not the shin kicking players. We were given a bottle of Guardian Backyard 4-Hour Repellant from Influenster to use over the summer on our trips out into the woods but it didn’t come in time. It did come in time for soccer season though and as the weather has changed the bugs have taken up home in the trees around the park where we practice so we got a chance to put the product to the test. The smell was something for us to get used to but Guardian Backyard works at keeping the bugs away without using DEET. I wasn’t aware that this was important and growing up in the woods of Oregon and Southern California we made sure that any repellent we purchased had DEET or else it wouldn’t work. Turns out Guardian has found a way to make an effective product without the use of DEET, which some people have allergies to and others just plain don’t like using such a toxic pesticide. Primo, fresh off his Bee studies, let us know all about the secondary effects of pesticides on the populations of helpful insects.


  • Highly effective
  • Non-Toxic
  • Plant Based


  • Powerful smell


More info:

No more trade-offs between safety and efficacy. Now you can rely on a nature-derived solution for the protection you would previously only get from a DEET product. Guardian Backyard Insect Repellent is DEET-free and scientifically proven to perform equal to 15% DEET against mosquitoes and 25% DEET against ticks. Get protection from biting insects without compromising what you apply to you and your family’s skin.

Guardian Backyard 4-Hour formula has a light scent and feel, with a duration that is perfect for an afternoon at the park or in the garden. Guardian is plant-based and non-toxic.

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