Tillamookies: New Ice Cream Treats From Tillamook


Writing about parenting has connected me with a number of fine folks but one of the best connections has been with the great farmers of Tillamook Dairy. Being an Oregonian I have grown up on Tillamook cheese and made a couple trips to the factory with my kids. I was featured on their site for Father’s day one year and the boys have done a couple of taste testings. It has been a tasty relationship so far so when we were given a chance to check out their new Ice Cream Sandwich offering it was a no brainer. We were sent a box of each of the four flavors to taste and we even shared some with friends! I’m sure you’re shocked to hear but they are fantastic. Great Tillamook ice cream sandwiched between two waffle-cone cookies that are covered with dark chocolate. Those four flavors, yeah they are Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato, Oregon Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean. So good, so very good.

100% of the pregnant lady I surveyed loved them as well
100% of the pregnant lady I surveyed loved them as well

My favorite was the mint Chip cookie because I love the chunks of chocolate in the Tillamook Mint Chip Ice Cream. The boys went for everything but Strawberry at first and when that was all that was left they reluctantly dug in only to find that it was Primo’s favorite flavor. Beautiful liked the Hazelnut Gelato while Segundo was with me on team Mint Chip. They are all great and you should definitely check them out at your local Ice Cream selling building. Thanks for sending us treats Tillamook!

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