Connected Home from CenturyLink

The busy season has kicked into high gear with three kids at different schools, a new job for Kate, and
soccer season co-opting our weekends. It is like this every Fall, and every time it hits me hard. This year
has been even more challenging without having some cooler weather to help with the transition from
one season to the next. Our Sunday family meetings have mostly been a series of calendar auditing, but
this quick change has led us to look at all of the areas of our busy lives. The classic Fall process of
organizing not just our weekly schedules, but our weekly rhythms as well. This has become even more important since our two kids became four and the distinct difference in the needs of the “bigs” and the “littles” has magnified.

It is in this time of reflection that I had a chance to head down to a new urban loft and hear about some of the interesting things that Century Link is doing in Portland and beyond.  I wrote last week about some of those things, like the New Price for Life plan that allows you to keep one price for Phone and Internet, or Internet only, for as long as you keep your plan. No sneaky price changes or playing whack-a-mole with new offers to keep from sky rocketing bills. I also got to hear about how the roll out of Fiber connections in Oregon have gone and wondered out loud why I haven’t made the change. Turns out my address qualifies and you can check if your’s does as well at this site.
I also got to hear about the technology grants paid out to teachers for things like tablets in the class
room or robots for the students to interact with. Grants totaling close to $55,500 in Oregon with
$13,000 in Portland alone.

Price For Life v2.0 from James Rohl on Vimeo.

At the CenturyLink connected home, I got the chance to check out some virtual reality with my kids and see the city from the top of a really cool building. It was up on the deck of that cool building where I was thinking about what I pay for Internet, how I have to bundle and keep up with the fluctuating bill each month. There are so many other schedules, practices, school projects and family appointments that I need to keep up with that I asked myself, why I am adding another thing to my list. CenturyLink’s Price for Life seems like a great way for our family to knock one item off our busy to do list and focus on the things that really matter.

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