Chevy Shop Social for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation

For the next few days I will be rolling around in this beast shopping for a Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation fundraiser with Chevy Shop Social Portland and SheBuysCars.com.  I know what you are thinking, Wait What now? Let me Explain. On Thursday May 21 at 6 PM at Pioneer Square we will be holding a raffle of great local items gathered… Read more →

Dad books worth checking out

Being the social maven that I am I get sent hundreds of offers, well tens of offers anyway and here is a couple of great books I have been sent that I think other dads would genuinely love. First off The Little Book for Dads is a collection of stories, experiences, jokes, poems, and more all about the art of… Read more →

Twilight in the Garden of Spring

Chaos. They all start with chaos, the great games of childhood. You start in the middle with the meat of matter and work to shore up the edges with rules later. As the backyard fire crackled to life and the night sky went from blue to grey to black the boys gathered the fallen Chamilia flowers and started in the… Read more →

Lessons in forgetting your soccer ball

This was originally published in Portland Family Magazine In our house the arrival of spring means soccer. Well, it means local soccer since the boys and I are obsessed with the game in every season. Spring means the Timbers are back and the Thorns aren’t far behind. It means the boys’ rec teams are back in action, and I am back… Read more →

And baby makes 5!

April 6th 2015 Beautiful and I welcomed our newest boy into the now basketball sized team Rohl. Harlan Walter Rohl named after Beautiful’s paternal grandfather and my uncle. Both men died before we ever got a chance to know them but from all stories they were wonderful men. I now need a third “blog name” for this little guy to… Read more →

Minted, Helping Step our Announcement Game up

  With our first two kids Beautiful and had not been on top of our announcement game. We had the usual Facebook updates and phone calls but we didn’t send out a formal announcement. This time we thought we would raise the bar and get IndieImage to get a photo and actually make that birth announcement and when I was… Read more →

Teaching PE is harder than you think

When Primo’s teacher asked me if I would help out on Friday’s by leading PE I think we all knew I would do something soccer related. Teach what you know right? But as I thought about the kids in the blended 2nd and 3rd grade classroom I figured I would buck conventional wisdom and try something I didn’t know. That, it turns out, was a terrible mistake that would lead me to breaking up a fight, trying to keep one child from strangling another, and calmly talking a kid down from banging his head on the chain link fence. Let me start from the beginning though. Read more →