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Stories of how daddy comes up short

Bringing a sledge hammer to a framing party

This post is sponsored by U.S. Bank. We are big DIY folks here at the Coxy Pario. So far we have redone our kitchen and added a bathroom to the basement with a plethora of projects in the pipeline. We are learning what we can do well (tile, electrical, cabinets) and what we can’t (drywall, plumbing, mechanical). When I saw… Read more →

Teaching PE is harder than you think

When Primo’s teacher asked me if I would help out on Friday’s by leading PE I think we all knew I would do something soccer related. Teach what you know right? But as I thought about the kids in the blended 2nd and 3rd grade classroom I figured I would buck conventional wisdom and try something I didn’t know. That, it turns out, was a terrible mistake that would lead me to breaking up a fight, trying to keep one child from strangling another, and calmly talking a kid down from banging his head on the chain link fence. Let me start from the beginning though. Read more →