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Stories of how daddy comes up short

Contemplating nurturing ghosts

A few nights ago that third kid decided he wanted to party all night instead of sleeping. We had agreedĀ that Beautiful needed some time to catch upĀ on her Zzzss and I would be on cranky baby duty so when he started to get fussy I grabbed him, his blanket, his plug, and headed down stairs. I was trying to get… Read more →

Teaching PE is harder than you think

When Primo’s teacher asked me if I would help out on Friday’s by leading PE I think we all knew I would do something soccer related. Teach what you know right? But as I thought about the kids in the blended 2nd and 3rd grade classroom I figured I would buck conventional wisdom and try something I didn’t know. That, it turns out, was a terrible mistake that would lead me to breaking up a fight, trying to keep one child from strangling another, and calmly talking a kid down from banging his head on the chain link fence. Let me start from the beginning though. Read more →