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On the everyday life of a SAHD

Bringing a sledge hammer to a framing party

This post is sponsored by U.S. Bank. We are big DIY folks here at the Coxy Pario. So far we have redone our kitchen and added a bathroom to the basement with a plethora of projects in the pipeline. We are learning what we can do well (tile, electrical, cabinets) and what we can’t (drywall, plumbing, mechanical). When I saw… Read more →

And baby makes 5!

April 6th 2015 Beautiful and I welcomed our newest boy into the now basketball sized team Rohl. Harlan Walter Rohl named after Beautiful’s paternal grandfather and my uncle. Both men died before we ever got a chance to know them but from all stories they were wonderful men. I now need a third “blog name” for this little guy to… Read more →

A little give to balance the take

That elusive idea of balance seems to never be realized in our house. Balance between work and play, family and community, free time and responsibilities is always tipped in one direction or the other. Then we overcompensate tossing the other end of the teeter totter flying into the air and out of balance all over again. The latest iteration of this… Read more →