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Longing for the warmth of Thanksgiving

As the rain pauses for a minute and the sun fights through here in NoPo I couldn’t help but recall the last time we saw the sun at our Thanksgiving break vacation. Here the sun doesn’t come along with the warmth of the desert. Read more →

Kidfresh meals for kids on the go

Soccer season is over but our schedule hasn’t cleared up as we move into the holiday season. The free time from no more practices is quickly being taken up by trips out to fight the effects of shrinking walls from rainy days. We still head to the park to kick the ball around on dry days as well as hitting… Read more →

Ready for Derby Day

Saturday is Derby day and the boys and I are fired up. Primo has a game at 10 and then we all head to Jeld-Wen for the Timbers Cascadia matchup with that fishy smelling town up North. If Portland wins the Cascadia Cup is ours and this horrible season will be salvaged. We can only win it tomorrow we can’t… Read more →

Looking back on a busy summer: The great road trip of 2012

Right after our stay at The Great Wolf Lodge we dropped the boys at my parents for Soccer camp and our first week of kidless time. The next Saturday we brought them up to Gig Harbor, along with the RV that had been living in our driveway for the last year. The boys were heading East in that RV with… Read more →

Scaring their food to death

I don’t know why but it seems my boys are angry eaters. At least they are when ever there’s a camera around and since I’m such a social media parent that is far too often for their own health. The picture above is exhibit A, taken when I asked Primo if I could have a bite of his Pad Thai… Read more →