Stuff the Kids say

A collection of stuff my kids have said

Twilight in the Garden of Spring

Chaos. They all start with chaos, the great games of childhood. You start in the middle with the meat of matter and work to shore up the edges with rules later. As the backyard fire crackled to life and the night sky went from blue to grey to black the boys gathered the fallen Chamilia flowers and started in the… Read more →

Anxiety by proxy

He’s been the one most excited and the one most conflicted about the coming addition to our family. Our little Segundo is seeing the biggest transition in his role in our family and we are seeing that played out in a changing array of anxieties and excitement. When he heard the  you couldn’t get the smile off his face. He… Read more →

You will find us peeing from such great heights

When you’re working from home in the summer the playdate becomes key to maintaining some sanity for the boys and I. When there is another kid there to engage them I have time to work on what I need to and they get a new perspective on tired playthings. After a fantastic time at Tumbling Camp E (the kid formally… Read more →

But don’t worry daddy, we took care of the problem

It had been a long day. Not that there was any one thing that I could point at to say this is why I needed a break, it had just been a long day. So when my sister-in-law left for the store and I was left responsible for my nephew and my two boys I took the opportunity to grab… Read more →

Kids alternaVites taste testing

Our morning routine is a bit harried since neither beautiful or I want to get out of bed in the morning. There are lunches to be made, kids to be dressed, and some sort of breakfast to be consumed before everyone is off for the day. The boys have a chewable multi-vitamin that have each morning but when I was… Read more →

Segundo versus the fire drill

Yesterday when I went to pick Segundo up from preschool his teacher pulled me aside to tell me a story. They had a fire drill that day but when it started Segundo was busy on the toilette. Since he likes his freedom while sitting on the throne he as sans pants and chonies. Just a t-shirt and socks and singing songs… Read more →