Stuff the Kids say

A collection of stuff my kids have said

Toeing the mossy Tightrope

My 6 year old is easily swayed towards sickness by words. Well maybe not towards sickness per say but there are a few phrases that immediately bring symptoms on for him. Today after school he was feeling a little low and I asked if anything was wrong, how his day was, yada yada yada. I felt his head and thought… Read more →

He’s my snobby son

After an afternoon of fun at Playdate PDX we grabbed a quick snack. Segundo and I picked out a donut while Primo went for the Cheese, Apples, Almonds, Crackers, and dried Cranberries. Way to make us look bad bud!   Read more →

Pearls of Wisdom from Segundo

The other morning while we were all getting ready for our days Segundo came into our room and asked Beautiful “Mommy are you going to put on your boobie trap?” Of course he was talking about her bra and I will only call it a boobie trap from here on out. it was brilliant. He had heard the term before… Read more →

A modest proposal on play

I pick the boys up from school and hang out at the school while the kids play tether ball and run around. I play tag on the playground before gather all the lunch boxes, coats, and school work to head home. At home I play Angry birds and Mouse Trap, both high setup games before making breakfast for dinner. We… Read more →

Foster Farms tries to make the Corn Dog Healthier

The fine folks at Foster Farms are trying to save the Corn Dog in school lunches as we try to find healthier ways of feeding our kids. They have come up with a 100% Whole Grain, Lower-Fat, Lower-Sodium Chicken Dog that aims to bring that same corn dog taste without that whole fattening up our kids thing. The boys and… Read more →

The case of the ceiling fan and the stuck shirt

Last month the boys got to spend some time with their cousin and we got some quality time with him and his mom. We had a great time with them here but the best part was watching the three boys figure out how to get shirt off the ceiling fan. If you are wondering how the shirt got on the fan then… Read more →

Showing versus telling in battle of getting dressed

Here in Portland we have been in full on wintery mix for the last two weeks. Sometimes it snows, other times it rains, but it’s always cold. Each morning I have to get one or both of the boys to school so we have same discussion minutes before heading out the door: “Grab a coat boys, it’s cold out today”… Read more →