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A little give to balance the take

That elusive idea of balance seems to never be realized in our house. Balance between work and play, family and community, free time and responsibilities is always tipped in one direction or the other. Then we overcompensate tossing the other end of the teeter totter flying into the air and out of balance all over again. The latest iteration of this… Read more →

Happy Portland Timbers day!

The wait for the first home game in the MLS era here in Portland is over and I get my first chance to sing along with the Army in the House of Pane. I’ve been a little single minded lately, consuming Podcasts, articles, videos, and twitter feeds and bringing every conversation back to it’s relation, however tenuous, to the Timbers.… Read more →

Sunday links to good stuff

This week I had serious blog apathy and went an entire week without posting anything. Absence like that is really only noticed by the blogger though, who feels like it has been ages since they posted and that surely the readers are revolting. As one who loves and reads a lot of blogs I know that is rarely the case.… Read more →


I am an assistant. This is hard for me to admit. I am not very important at the company where I work. I am new, true. But I am also very low on the totem pole in the grand scheme of things, which means that I deal with a lot of paperwork and spreadsheets and jobs that other people don’t… Read more →