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A room of their own

We are all but finished with the boy’s room now. There is still some closet curtains to be sorted out and a question of dressers but the walls are painted and my dad has built some beautiful beds. We got new comfy mattresses with all new bedding because both boys had complained that their beds were not as cozy as… Read more →

The methodic process of making it ours

  We have two weeks of experience in our new house and the quirks and bumps in the night are starting to become familiar.  After the first weekend of painting and moving in the the next couple of weekends have been relatively quiet in comparison. Beautiful has started focusing her attention on individual rooms after a rough draft of furniture placement and design. Our… Read more →

The Art of Baking Cookies

A Post by Beautiful – Our boys are at an age where they are becoming exponentially more capable. They can make their own toast in the morning and bring a borrowed pan back to the neighbor’s house, they order their dinner at restaurants and can wink and say words like “dehydrated” or “dramatic” or “cattywompas” in a sentence correctly. I… Read more →

So It Goes

As James mentioned, this week our oldest got his shots, got his eyes checked, got his finger pricked, got new school shoes and got registered for kindergarten. And to me, this generally indicates that he has started the process of being grown up and leaving us. I could cry just thinking about it. In fact I fully expect to be… Read more →