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Monitoring the chaos

The sound is what you notice first, well that and the cold but we’ll come back to the cold. The sound, a cacophony of noise that ebbs and flows to seemingly random rhythm. There is a din of activity and yelling that is punctuated by high pitch screams and almost constant movement. I watched a couple of kindergartener re-enact the entire dance from… Read more →

Bundled up for the ride to school

While we have missed the snow and ice storms of the East and Mid-West we have had a cooler snap here in Portland making our ride to school a bit chilly. Here the boys are bundled up with toques, coats, and a blanket inside a cozy bike trailer. Not a bad way to ride to school. I, on the other… Read more →

Family Fun in Portland: Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Today through Sunday January 9th admission at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Old Town Portland is free. Normally $8.50 a person this is not a great kid friendly deal because the kids will rush you through and these gardens should really be savored. But when it’s free it is a great family activity and one we took advantage of… Read more →