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A little give to balance the take

That elusive idea¬†of balance seems to never be realized in our house. Balance between work and play, family and community, free time and responsibilities is always tipped in one direction or the other. Then we overcompensate tossing the other end of the teeter totter flying into the air and out of balance all over again. The latest iteration of this… Read more →

Great reads for the expecting father

Have you experienced the panic of the pink plus sign on that home pregnancy test you bought six of just to be sure? Feel wholly unprepared for the responsibility of fatherhood but don’t want to seem like a flake by talking about it with someone? Worried about all the million things that aren’t ready and never will be no matter… Read more →

Taking advantage of cheap labor

Growing up I remember having chores to do but what I don’t remember is when I started doing those chores. Whenever it was I’m pretty sure I’m starting earlier with my boys than I started. As a dad I’m taking advantage of the labor source I have before they learn the economic lessons of fair wages. I can say it’s… Read more →