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Unsolicited parenting Tip #97: Get connected

Being a stay at home parent can feel like an isolating job quicker than you would expect. When it’s just you int he kids every day for most of the day you start to lose the ability to have conversations bigger than explaining why your three year old can’t walk to the end of the front walk and pee in the street.… Read more →

Everybody loves a parade

This past weekend we had the chance to be in the St Johns parade in our North Portland neighborhood. It is a classic neighborhood parade where every school, club, sports program, and company in the area joins in. The joke is that the whole neighborhood is walking in the parade and no one is actually watching it. We were there… Read more →

I will resolve it and it will be so

I know that New Year’s resolutions are cliche and a bit out of style but I’m gonna do it anyway. I know that I will likely not keep many of these but I enjoy going back every year to see what was important to me in January and to see if it still resonates in December. So with that in… Read more →