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The Art of Baking Cookies

A Post by Beautiful – Our boys are at an age where they are becoming exponentially more capable. They can make their own toast in the morning and bring a borrowed pan back to the neighbor’s house, they order their dinner at restaurants and can wink and say words like “dehydrated” or “dramatic” or “cattywompas” in a sentence correctly. I… Read more →

Cooking with Kids thanks to Whole Foods

Last week the boys and I went to Whole Foods downtown and learned to make “Lazy Lasagna” with chef Matt Talavera. We were there with a couple of other parents who blog to make a healthy meal for our family and to learn about a couple of things Whole Foods is doing in Portland and around the nation through their Whole Kids… Read more →

Family traditions: Home Made Tortillas

New Year’s day means Huevos Rancheros at my parents house, it has for as long as I can remember. We don’t always make it there to enjoy the eggs and tomatoes and fresh tortillas but if we are any where close we make it a priority. Growing up, there were a number of favorite meals that my brother and I… Read more →