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The story versus the scene

If there is a theme that I would like to put forth it’s that I love being a stay at home dad. I love being the one home with the kids leading the craft time and cleaning up the crayons afterward. Overall I love it and I choose it again daily. That is not to say that things are sunshine… Read more →

Cultural findings from casa ritroh

We have an exchange student staying with us for a couple of weeks while she learns a bit about American business and American English. She has been here for two weeks now and we love having here almost as much as the boys do. Primo has her read books to him and then corrects her pronunciation and helps her with… Read more →

Working it out

I’m trying to be a better man, well a more fit one at least. To that end I have been losing some weight to get back down to fighting shape. I don’t know what that means but it is motivating for me. I imagine I will reach a certain goal and then go fight someone to prove I have made… Read more →