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Teaching PE is harder than you think

When Primo’s teacher asked me if I would help out on Friday’s by leading PE I think we all knew I would do something soccer related. Teach what you know right? But as I thought about the kids in the blended 2nd and 3rd grade classroom I figured I would buck conventional wisdom and try something I didn’t know. That, it turns out, was a terrible mistake that would lead me to breaking up a fight, trying to keep one child from strangling another, and calmly talking a kid down from banging his head on the chain link fence. Let me start from the beginning though. Read more →

I Roar (a post from the working mom)

This weekend there were a number of things working against me. It was cold and rainy for the first time after a lovely but too-short summer; our dinner party was a raving success and so inevitably we are coming down into that post party-nothing-to-look-forward-to slump; the boys have converged in the most annoyingly simultaneous whiney stages; I have a really… Read more →

Wanna bet

Recently we had the chance to see Beautiful’s Sister and Brother in Law (we’ll call him Bro) from Duluth, MN as well as her long time friend  and the new fiancee (we’ll call him New Guy)  who were visiting from OH. Beautiful’s dad whom we’ll call Pops, the two guys and I decided to brave the vicious wind that was howling… Read more →