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Grateful for a slower season

This is the first full week with no soccer games, practices, or meetings and it coincides nicely with the time change. We have had a couple of nights of slow and boring. Not rushing dinner to get someone somewhere else, or waking the baby to make the pickup rounds. It went from light to dark as Beautiful and I sat… Read more →

A little give to balance the take

That elusive idea of balance seems to never be realized in our house. Balance between work and play, family and community, free time and responsibilities is always tipped in one direction or the other. Then we overcompensate tossing the other end of the teeter totter flying into the air and out of balance all over again. The latest iteration of this… Read more →

Anxiety by proxy

He’s been the one most excited and the one most conflicted about the coming addition to our family. Our little Segundo is seeing the biggest transition in his role in our family and we are seeing that played out in a changing array of anxieties and excitement. When he heard the  you couldn’t get the smile off his face. He… Read more →