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Clearing the low bar of fatherhood

Today while dropping Primo off at Kindergarten I watched a dad fix his daughter’s hair with clips and a smoothing hand. They were running late so he saved the polishing touches for last and he did a great job. I watched thinking that he was a great dad because he could fix his daughter’s hair with such a smooth hand.… Read more →

The Other F Word

When Punk Rockers have kids something has to give, or does it. In the new¬†Documentary from Rare Birds Films called The Other F Word Writer and Director Andrea Blaugrund Nevins digs into fatherhood through the eyes of a bunch of guys whose fathers were largely not there. The documentary is touching and funny and gives a great look at what… Read more →

This is not a man’s world

It may or may not be clear from the title of this blog but I am a stay at home dad. What that means is that I am the parent at home with the kids during the day keeping them fed and making sure that all of their blood more or less stays inside their little bodies. I think there’s… Read more →