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Here’s what I dug this week

There were a number of great posts this week that had me sitting and thinking about them for while after I finished. It really is the best part of reading these blogs from other parents just writing about their experience. I have thought a lot about what I want to get out of blogging and what I want to do… Read more →

Learning to let go and lead

It feels daunting sometimes, this parenting thing. Looking at the big picture of raising these kids, helping them become who they are, I feel woefully under qualified. I feel like I am looking out over this vast space at place out on the horizon where we will eventually end up. A place where the boys will be grown, where we… Read more →

A couple of articles about the role of fathers

There have been a couple really interesting articles about the role of fathers in kids lives bouncing around the internet this week and I thought I would give the links to you for you to check them out: Fathers activate exploration in toddlers – This first piece talks about children with less protective parents, in most cases the fathers, showing… Read more →