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They are artists when it comes to torture

Torture is an important part of sibling¬†relationships and my boys are fast learners when it comes to finding that unique pressure point to drive the other crazy. Beautiful learned, as the youngest of four girls, how to torture her sisters and that knowledge is still being put to use according to some reports. My brother and I would use a… Read more →

John Deer training class

The toy of the moment is a John Deer Gator that is battery powered and can be driven around if it was working. The Gas pedal is stuck and it is not working so it is daddy powered instead of battery powered. The boys love this thing and fight over who get to drive, who sits in the passenger seat,… Read more →

The toy cycles

It can sit in the corner ignored for days at a time, weeks even. Neglected and relegated to an afterthought by the lack of use and the general apathy from the masters. There are so many things to play with and only three kids to play with them so there is bound to be some toys that fall through the… Read more →