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Lessons in forgetting your soccer ball

This was originally published in Portland Family Magazine In our house the arrival of spring means soccer. Well, it means local soccer since the boys and I are obsessed with the game in every season. Spring means the Timbers are back and the Thorns aren’t far behind. It means the boys’ rec teams are back in action, and I am back… Read more →

A respite from the rain in Arizona

We are back home from thanksgiving in Arizona and we were met with the kiss of cold rain. Gone are the 80 degree days by the pool, or the walks through the beautiful neighborhoods of a model community. We had a great time catching up with old friends and new family members, especially that lovely little girl int he picture… Read more →

Back to kindergarten plan A

Way back in March I wrote a couple of posts on the School choice issue. We were in the proces of turning in our applications for the charter schools and our Portland Public School choice form. Since then we settled on our Neighborhood school after not getting in to any of the Charter Schools and changing our mind about the… Read more →