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I Roar (a post from the working mom)

This weekend there were a number of things working against me. It was cold and rainy for the first time after a lovely but too-short summer; our dinner party was a raving success and so inevitably we are coming down into that post party-nothing-to-look-forward-to slump; the boys have converged in the most annoyingly simultaneous whiney stages; I have a really… Read more →

It was needed, if not enjoyed

When we start out the front door I know what kind of situation I’m dealing with but I also know they need the walk. It is cold outside but we are all bundled up nicely with toques and gloves to go with our winter jackets. We have been getting outside and playing everyday but usually around the house and in… Read more →

“I do it myself!”

When they are babies you have to do all the work but the clean up is usually pretty easy and the whole process of feeding, getting dressed, or in and out of the car is a smooth, efficient process. As the kids get older they start feeding themselves, picking out and putting on their own clothes, and wanting to climb into the… Read more →