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Horse Racing for Amateurs

The rain came back today after a week of sunny but windy and cold weather. We wanted to get out of the house but the wind and the rain made the playground unbearable so we headed to Portland Meadows Race track to watch the ponies. I had never been to Portland Meadows but had wanted to check it out for… Read more →

Wanna bet

Recently we had the chance to see Beautiful’s Sister and Brother in Law (we’ll call him Bro) from Duluth, MN as well as her long time friend  and the new fiancee (we’ll call him New Guy)  who were visiting from OH. Beautiful’s dad whom we’ll call Pops, the two guys and I decided to brave the vicious wind that was howling… Read more →

Message in the madness

At this time of year I can’t help but think how blessed I am to be a stay at home dad. The weather is getting better, the days are starting to feel longer, and March Madness is here. It’s that last bit that I most thankful for. Since I am a stay at home dad I can watch almost three… Read more →