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That Summertime Sadness

This has been a summer of adventure for the boys as they have now spent more time away from home then they have sleeping in their own beds. The summer kicked off with a visit to North Carolina where we had a great time with family, I got to sample cocktails in an underground whiskey club, and the boys organized… Read more →

Wham! Pow!

This year for Christmas, all gifts for our children will revolve around Superheroes. Because our kids are obsessed with all things batman, superman, green lantern, wonderwoman and storm (the women are for my sake) and especially, inexplicably Aquaman and the Flash. This is strange for a number of reasons: Neither James nor I have ever been interested in Superheroes in… Read more →

So It Goes

As James mentioned, this week our oldest got his shots, got his eyes checked, got his finger pricked, got new school shoes and got registered for kindergarten. And to me, this generally indicates that he has started the process of being grown up and leaving us. I could cry just thinking about it. In fact I fully expect to be… Read more →

Happy Birthday Segundo

He is three today, on the day of the super bowl. He doesn’t much care about the game but getting to go to Gramma and Papa’s house to watch the game and play on the newly fixed John Deere is going to be a treat. We had a party for him yesterday with a couple friends over decorating and eating… Read more →