Instajunction gift ideas from Instagram photos


I have started to amass quite a collection of photos on instagram, some of them even pretty good. I was talking to a friend about this box at my parents house that holds all of these family photographs and how I love going through that box to find old pictures and letters. Holding the photos and shuffling through the stacks always last longer than you intended but is a such a rich experience. We don’t have that anymore with our traveling photo galleries on our phone and digital storages in the cloud. While we can share those great photos much easier I think something is lost in the handling and the story telling that comes from the box. While I am not going to start printing out all of my pictures anytime soon I was glad to get an opportunity to check out some options to have my instagram photos be a little more tangible. Enter the site Instajunction and their collection of products.

Instajunction is a site that allows you to turn your digital instagram photos into things like photo books, calendars, magnets, or Polaroid style cards. I had a calendar made as a gift to Beautiful’s dad for his birthday and it turned out great. The picture above shows Primo checking out the final product. The website was easy to navigate and connect to my pictures. Because I have a lot of photos it took some time to go through and pick the pictures I wanted, but that was a limitation of my indecision not the site. Shipping was quick and the calendar looked great.

When looking for gift ideas check out Instajunction and this weekend you can get 25% off your order with the following Promo Code: FRIEND25EZ

Instantgram – Turning your pictures into magnets

Turning instagram photos into magnets

Turning instagram photos into magnets

I had the opportunity to check a cool site that takes your instagram masterpieces and turns them into magnets for you fridge or if you are lucky like we were and found an old metal card catalog to use as a coffee table then they would go nicely there. The website is called Instantgram and it is a super simple site to use to get some really great gifts. Navigating to the site all you have to do is click the Buy Now link, link your instagram account, and then choose the pictures you want to turn into magnets. The last step is the hardest part, especially if you have a big library. After choosing the photos you review your options, pay the fixed price of $17 and enter your payment and shipping information.

Instantgram magnets The boys love seeing the pictures and we have used pictures of them to hold up their own artwork or soccer schedules on the fridge. They show anyone that comes over their pictures and tell the stories behind each shot. In our digital age of millions of pictures hosted online there is something fun and valuable in holding that picture in your hands and sharing the story. If you are looking for a gift idea, or just want to get some sweet magnets for your self then check out Instantgram.