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The paper airplane guy

This month I’ve taken over as the class room liaison for the Kindergarten class at Primo’s school and taken the opportunity to help in the class one day a week. Since Segundo is such a great kid he gets to hang out too and get involved with the bigger kids and their lessons. Primo’s school is Reggio Emilia based education… Read more →

Back to kindergarten plan A

Way back in March I wrote a couple of posts on the School choice issue. We were in the proces of turning in our applications for the charter schools and our Portland Public School choice form. Since then we settled on our Neighborhood school after not getting in to any of the Charter Schools and changing our mind about the… Read more →

In search of an education: Part 2 Public Schools

Yesterday I started laying out the process of picking the school Primo would go to kindergarten and we looked at the Charter School options. With our applications in for our three Charter options we turned toward the Public School choice. Our Neighborhood school is James John Elementary School in heart of St. Johns. The school is a great looking old… Read more →

In search of an education: Part 1

Primo is weeks away from his first Spring break and it has little sway on him. I actually think he will be more disappointed that he isn’t in school, than he will be excited to get a break. Pre-school is starting to wind down and he is enjoying the home stretch blissfuly unaware that his parent are in full Kindergaten… Read more →