Tag: letting go

That Summertime Sadness

This has been a summer of adventure for the boys as they have now spent more time away from home then they have sleeping in their own beds. The summer kicked off with a visit to North Carolina where we had a great time with family, I got to sample cocktails in an underground whiskey club, and the boys organized… Read more →

Collecting moments like butterflies

Segundo is rapidly losing the baby look and starting to resemble a little kid more each day. His vocabulary is increasing and he’s able to communicate exactly what he wants and for me to understand him. We are moving away from having babies or even toddlers and into having two little boys. That realization hit me recently as I was… Read more →

Learning to let go and lead

It feels daunting sometimes, this parenting thing. Looking at the big picture of raising these kids, helping them become who they are, I feel woefully under qualified. I feel like I am looking out over this vast space at place out on the horizon where we will eventually end up. A place where the boys will be grown, where we… Read more →