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Portland Youth Philharmonic’s Cushion Concert for kids aged 2-8 this Sunday

This Sunday, March 16th, take your family on a fun, musical adventure from the Portland Youth Philharmonic! Just hop on the MAX train and bring your little ones and your comfy cushions to this affordable, interactive, 45-minute concert designed for children aged 2-8.  Arrive a half-hour before each performance to experience our “instrument petting zoo” and try instruments in the string family.… Read more →

Mo Phillips new CD Monster Suit

Here in Portland we have some great musicians making music for kids and the young at heart. One of our favorites is Mo Phillips and his perpetual Support Your Local Dad Tour. Mo is releasing a new album, called Monster Suit, this April and some friends are joining him for the release party at McMenamins Kennedy School. 5:00 PM Saturday… Read more →

Songs for Children of All Ages

A couple of weeks ago I was followed on Twitter by Lori Henriques and since her bio said she made music I headed over to her website and listened to that music. It was a rough day here in daddy land and the boys were being “powerful” to borrow a term from our previous exchange student. I brought up the… Read more →

Musically Inclined

“Does daddy play music all day when I’m gone?” Beautiful asked Primo when she got home from work and we were rocking out to the new Decemberists Album. While I have zero musical ability instrumentally or vocally I love me some playlists. There’s that cool video of the dad and daughter singing together on youtube and I know that will… Read more →