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Long live the Coxy Pario!

Classic 1932 Tudor with Large Living Spaces. Original Charm…Coved Ceilings, Built=Ins and Crown Moldings. Hardwoods, Coxy Wood Burning FP, Vinyl Windows, New Gas Furnace and Electrical Panel, Dechached Gargae, Two Covered Pario’s, Full Basemanent, Needs Updating! That is the write up of our house when the listing went public. There was one picture of the front of the house and… Read more →

The methodic process of making it ours

  We have two weeks of experience in our new house and the quirks and bumps in the night are starting to become familiar.  After the first weekend of painting and moving in the the next couple of weekends have been relatively quiet in comparison. Beautiful has started focusing her attention on individual rooms after a rough draft of furniture placement and design. Our… Read more →

Where have we been indeed

Some time has passed, you may or may not have noticed. We have moved into a new house, well an old house that is new to us, but a move none the less. The boys are great, we are busy but happy, there is a lot of work to do but we enjoy it. You are all caught up now.… Read more →

We are moved

We are all moved into the new place but we are still trying find boxes with important things like the camera. Pictures coming soon but until then you have to just use your imagination. Our new house is much closer to Primo’s school towards the St. Johns Neighborhood of Portland. We went from a three story, five bedroom house to… Read more →