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Kicking it with the boys

I can see it happening already and I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand I love kicking the soccer ball around with Primo and we’ve gotten plenty of chances to knock it around. But I wonder if his excitement to play soccer has more to do with my love of soccer than his own. I… Read more →

Parenting: Teaching two sides of conflict

Conflict between Primo and Segundo usually leads to one of them starting to scream their displeasure. It’s a smack from the blunt instrument of violent noise and I mostly just want them to stop. But when I think about this teachable moment there are usually two contradicting lesson that I would like to teach. Let’s take the latest example of Primo… Read more →

Unsolicited parenting Tip #97: Get connected

Being a stay at home parent can feel like an isolating job quicker than you would expect. When it’s just you int he kids every day for most of the day you start to lose the ability to have conversations bigger than explaining why your three year old can’t walk to the end of the front walk and pee in the street.… Read more →

It was needed, if not enjoyed

When we start out the front door I know what kind of situation I’m dealing with but I also know they need the walk. It is cold outside but we are all bundled up nicely with toques and gloves to go with our winter jackets. We have been getting outside and playing everyday but usually around the house and in… Read more →