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Portland Youth Philharmonic’s Cushion Concert for kids aged 2-8 this Sunday

This Sunday, March 16th, take your family on a fun, musical adventure from the Portland Youth Philharmonic! Just hop on the MAX train and bring your little ones and your comfy cushions to this affordable, interactive, 45-minute concert designed for children aged 2-8.  Arrive a half-hour before each performance to experience our “instrument petting zoo” and try instruments in the string family.… Read more →

Happy birthday to me

I remember as kid dreaming about my birthday weeks in advance. What would I get, would it be cool, could it be a new bike? A new bike was the holy grail of birthday gifts and as I’ve gotten older things have changed. After 39 years a great birthday gift is a bottle of some great liquor or some vinyl from that new… Read more →