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He writes adventure on his chest

Segundo has a clothes problem at preschool. This manifests itself in a number of ways from getting his regular clothes wet or dirty, to struggling with his pants during emergencies. Lately he has managed to keep most of the clothes on that he shows up to school in. Most but not all. When I show up at 3 to pick him… Read more →

Segundo versus the fire drill

Yesterday when I went to pick Segundo up from preschool his teacher pulled me aside to tell me a story. They had a fire drill that day but when it started Segundo was busy on the toilette. Since he likes his freedom while sitting on the throne he as sans pants and chonies. Just a t-shirt and socks and singing songs… Read more →

Raising money while lowering expectations

Now that I am on the board at the preschool and trying to take a more active role in the boys education I figured it was time to take the fund raising part a little more serious. Last year there was zero participation until the auction and we came well short of our fundraising goals as a family. Well this… Read more →

Changing roles with changing adresses

Now that we no longer live with The Charge’s parents I am really watching this kid and not just having him hang around us while his mom works upstairs. There isn’t any real difference semantically but some how this feels a lot different to me. His dad drops him off early in the morning, usually while my boys are eating breakfast,… Read more →

Some days are inspired, others are endured

It was day two of being a parent helper at Primo’s school and the effects of moving, recovering from being sick, and having Segundo and the Charge in the room with me meant a much tougher time in the class. I still had a lot of fun playing with the kids and talking to them about which shapes would roll… Read more →

The Cliche First day of school post

Today was the day. Primo started pre-school today and he was fired up from the time he opened his eyes this morning, until well after we were home and had finished lunch. He has catted with every afternoon walker from the near by medical center and filled them in on his new school attending status. If he had Facebook his… Read more →

Co-op preschools and the missing fathers

Last night Beautiful and I went to the first parents meeting for Primo’s new preschool. We met the teacher earlier in the day with all three boys in tow but at this meeting it was just her and I and the other parents. There were thirty one parents present and I was one of four dads in the room. That’s… Read more →