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Although we’ve come, to the end of the road

Today at 12:30 his mom will come and pick him up for the last time. His little brother will be born soon and he will be staying home with him instead of coming over to our house every weekday morning. I’m feeling a little sad at the end of this Daddy Day Care season as I become just a lowly,… Read more →

When you can’t get outside, go to the garage

It has been raining off and on for the last week here in Portland. There was a mysterious line of animals walking by the house two by two but I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about. We have rain boots and jackets but the kids have been feeling sick and not really that adventurous so we have spent most of… Read more →

Band of SAHD has new night!

Starting tonight at 11 PM eastern, 8 PM pacific the Band of SAHD podcast will be on Wednesday nights instead of Sunday. We are excited to be moving to a new night and hope that more people will be able to tune in with us live. A big part of the show is the banter that goes on in the… Read more →

Dinner and a podcast, daddy dating

Last night we had the great privilege of having Chris from Stay At Home Dad in Lansing and his family over for dinner. They are visiting the North West to check the area out and since most people on twitter believe that Chris and I are actually a couple it seemed only fair that we have them over. Last night also marked… Read more →

I live in a house of turdburglars

It is cliche to say that things change when you have kids but it is also very true. You have less time to your self, more responsibility, less friends, more grape jelly hand print stains on the back of your t-shirts and so on and so on. I knew getting into this gig that things were changing but there are… Read more →

I always feel like some one is watching me

There are a couple of families on our street and a whole lot of kids so often the boys are out playing with their friends through out the day. There are a couple younger kids not in school yet and then a whole bunch that come home after school changing the dynamic of playtime. When the older kids are out… Read more →