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Simple ideas for dads in the classroom

I’ve noticed a prevalent thought among dads that education is a woman’s world. Sure we’re all for teaching our kids the practical things like changing a tire or setting your Fantasy Football lineup but when it comes to the classroom we tend to view that space as somehow less manly. I never understood this mentality and from early on I… Read more →

What do school kids, supporters, and the homeless have in common?

Earlier this week I attended a training for manning the warming shelters that we are opening in St. Johns this week. With temperatures holding below freezing and snow on the ground as I type this there is a huge need for warm places to sleep for the homeless community in Portland. One of the things that struck me at the… Read more →

Monitoring the chaos

The sound is what you notice first, well that and the cold but we’ll come back to the cold. The sound, a cacophony of noise that ebbs and flows to seemingly random rhythm. There is a din of activity and yelling that is punctuated by high pitch screams and almost constant movement. I watched a couple of kindergartener re-enact the entire dance from… Read more →

Fall in Cascadia has been wet

After a long wonderful summer the rains have come in force, just in time for all the trips to the pumpkin patch. First we had Segundo’s pre-school class where my back ground check hadn’t come through yet so I was only able to drive my kid. We called it the daddy rule since we all know men are not as… Read more →

Adventures in Public Transit

Segundo wanted to go on an adventure. “Let’s take the bus daddy, when we go pick up Primo let’s take the bus!” He was excited and it was raining so why not. We could ride the bike and he could sit in his warm trailer dry and happy as a clam while I pedaled into the blustery mist of swirling… Read more →

The paper airplane guy

This month I’ve taken over as the class room liaison for the Kindergarten class at Primo’s school and taken the opportunity to help in the class one day a week. Since Segundo is such a great kid he gets to hang out too and get involved with the bigger kids and their lessons. Primo’s school is Reggio Emilia based education… Read more →

Valentine projects paying off

This year I was on the ball and got started on Valentine’s Day cards for Primo’s class early on. I sent him to school with three kids names each day for him to find out what they love so we could incorporate into unique cards. Mostly I wanted him to engage kids in his class that he doesn’t normally interact… Read more →