Toeing the mossy Tightrope

mossy tightropeMy 6 year old is easily swayed towards sickness by words. Well maybe not towards sickness per say but there are a few phrases that immediately bring symptoms on for him. Today after school he was feeling a little low and I asked if anything was wrong, how his day was, yada yada yada. I felt his head and thought he felt warm and he went from a little down and chatty to full on sick kid mode. He laid on the couch and whimpered, at one point telling me he couldn’t move his body he was so sick. I accidentally said the word fever and it had a devastating effect on his health.

A similar thing happens around throwing up. Primo is terrified of throwing up and if he burps wrong he will have to carry a bucket with him for the rest of the night, in case he has to throw up, and might even start limping for good measure. There have been a few time I’ve joked about hurling and sent him into a panic just for my own amusement. I know, I know, I’m a terrible person. This is a frustration of mine, seeing my sons symptoms radically change based on the language I use to describe them. Somehow naming it gives power to the feelings.

Segundo treats sickness as a minor speed bump, the ones with cutouts so you can drive through without even slowing down. Words have no effect on his health just as his health has little to no effect on how he goes about his day. It is often hard to tell when Segundo is sick, though he is almost always suffering from some bug. The dangers of pre-school I’m afraid. I often wonder why the difference between the two. Why do I need to be so careful with Primo, walking a thin line between finding out what is bothering him without creating new maladies by giving them names. I don’t want to raise a hypochondriac but I also don’t think telling him to sack up will do the trick. How would you handle this situation?


Trying to stay awake in the infirmary

It is amazing to me how kids can be so sick and feverish through out the night, waking up many times and crying for me or Beautiful and then when the morning comes have this reserve of energy. Last night was rough on me and felt like we had new baby in the house. I was in and out of bed going into the boys rooms and soothing one or both of them. I feel asleep kneeling by Segundo’s bed rubbing his back while he feel asleep and just when I would wake up and head back to bed Primo would start. I ended up just climbing into Segundo’s bed and sleeping there early this morning but that relative peace was short lived with the onset of morning.

Any thought of a slow quiet morning was quickly dashed when The Charge came in, vibrant and full of energy, and got the boys going. You can see the sad sickness in their eyes but they are running around and playing just like any other morning. The coffee doesn’t seem strong enough, and my breakfast isn’t giving me the fuel I need to keep up. I think there will be movies in the future, and some quiet book time if I can manage it. I know my boys are going to crash soon but that brings it own set of problems. THey are no patient in the best of health and feeling sick makes them even less so. They will fight more today, whine more, and communicate their discomfort when ever there is a chance. But they will snuggle more today, they will need me, and be appreciative. I know those are not the reasons for parenting but they are a nice part of the bonus program.

Sickness abounds

For the last couple of days there has been a lot of sickness in our house. There seems to be an equal opportunity nature of the illness making sure to hit everyone with something. Starting last Sunday I was down with a stomach bug that made having family and friends over for Taco night a no go for me. I spent the day on the couch trying to keep queasy inside with little success. Then Primo got the stomach bug but as we have seen here he is much tougher then I am and rolled with it. Beautiful was next to get sick with a classic flu that hit her on Wednesday and kept her bed ridden for most of Friday. I have that flu now, making fantastic bookend Sundays of sickness for me. I get to watch a lot basketball without anyone needing me to do much else but I would rather not be miserable while watching the games. I feel like Segundo’s hipster doll Keega in the picture above, and speaking of Segundo he seems to be weathering the sickness storm well but we’ll see how long that keeps up. I think this week of sickness might just be creeping into the next week as well. How has season of sickness effected you?

We had a rough morning

This morning I set out breakfast for the three boys and Primo said he wasn’t feeling well and that he had something in his throat. I am not sure what this means but I asked if his throat was sore or hurt when he talked and he said it didn’t. He ate very little and asked to get up and I was a bit short with him telling him that we weren’t having a snack later and that our next food would be at lunch asking if he was sure he was done eating. He was. I emptied his eggs and cereal into the other two boy’s plates and cleaned up his spot. Late in the hallway he said he had something in his throat and then started to cry and then threw up on me as I was getting down to have a look. I got him into the bathroom to finish up and after a couple good heaves he said “There isn’t anything in my throat anymore!” and was pretty happy for a kid that just tossed.

I cleaned up myself and the hallway carpet and tossed all the clothes, towels, and rugs into the laundry basket and got the little man cleaned up. He was immediately better and wanted to go outside and that has held up though out the day. I had the same type of thing on Sunday but I wasn’t immediately better like Primo. He seems to be made of tougher cloth than I am.