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It was needed, if not enjoyed

When we start out the front door I know what kind of situation I’m dealing with but I also know they need the walk. It is cold outside but we are all bundled up nicely with toques and gloves to go with our winter jackets. We have been getting outside and playing everyday but usually around the house and in… Read more →

Sometimes the answer is no

After a gusty storm blew threw the neighborhood the bamboo fence peeled away from the house next door revealing a ridable fire truck. When we headed out of the house to go to school the boys both saw the toy and ran to the fence asking if they could ride on it before school. Our next door neighbors are friendly… Read more →

When the Queens away, the house will pay

Beautiful is spending the weekend in Minnesota with some her closest friends from high school to celebrate their ten year reunion. They didn’t want to do the whole meet and greet with the rest of the class this past summer so they scheduled their own time in the Northern Territory in a lovely cabin in the snow. While she is… Read more →