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Teaching PE is harder than you think

When Primo’s teacher asked me if I would help out on Friday’s by leading PE I think we all knew I would do something soccer related. Teach what you know right? But as I thought about the kids in the blended 2nd and 3rd grade classroom I figured I would buck conventional wisdom and try something I didn’t know. That, it turns out, was a terrible mistake that would lead me to breaking up a fight, trying to keep one child from strangling another, and calmly talking a kid down from banging his head on the chain link fence. Let me start from the beginning though. Read more →

Adding Coach to my growing resume

I didn’t want to be coach. I was too afraid, nervous that I wouldn’t know what to do or how to coach. But then the first practice happened and there was no coach so someone had the kids doing drills and they were bored, checking out. I love soccer, Primo loves soccer, and I want these kids to love this… Read more →

Mr. Manners, paging Mr. Manners

This weekend we were up by the sound in Gig Harbor visiting Beautiful’s parents as they visit their first grand-daughter courtesy of their eldest daughter and her husband. After five boys, girls finally got on the board in the McGrail clan and she is a cutie. Their two boys and our two boys love being together but the sheer force… Read more →

Conversations with monsters

Dealing with your emotions and having a vocabulary for what is bothering you is difficult at any age but particularly hard for pre-schoolers. Lately we have been running into the limitations of Primo’s emotional vocabulary when he gets frustrated and doesn’t know what to do with it. His four year old frustration is coming out in a high pitched scream… Read more →

Photojournalism and the toddler

One of our go to fun things and conversation starters with Primo is to give him the digital camera and let him explore his world from behind the view finder. He cruises around the house or the yard snapping photo after photo of anything and everything that strikes his fancy. After he has gone and taken some pictures we grab… Read more →